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New Blog Redesign

March 1, 2014 — Leave a comment



I spent some time this morning redesigning my blog. I used a WordPress theme called Standard theme (now owned by WooThemes). I really wanted my logo and social media icons to be the same color and and similar in size. I like how you can see a description under my personal photo. My latest headshot was provided by Reagan Thomson Photography.

Last Thursday I was at a conference in Denver and a friend mentioned that it was the first time he had seen me not wearing a hat. Yes, it is true, I have put the hats aside for now.

How does you, your brand, company find and identify it’s voice and presence?

[photo via ziktay ]

What is the #1 thing that you want people to do when they arrive on your blog? This question was asked over at Pro Blogger.

There’s clearly  no wrong or right answer to the question – every blog will have a different approach  – but it’s a great question to ask yourself from time to time.

The answer you give could reveal the following:

How you design your blog – your call to the conversion you’re after should be prominent, above the fold and eye catching
What you blog about – your blog posts should, at the very least, relate to your conversion goals and, at best, should lead people to wanting to take the action you’re after.
Your promotional activities – knowing what you want people to do when they arrive on your blog can inform your decisions on where and how to promote your blog.

So what is the number 1 thing that you want people to DO when they arrive on your blog?

My answer…I want you to connect with different communities, ideas, perspectives.  I don’t necessarily want everyone to leave a comment.

Blogging Checklist

May 25, 2010 — 2 Comments

Sometimes I read blogs and more often than not they are missing one of these key ingredients for a tasty blog-pie [’cause we like pies and cupcakes!]

Thanks to Church Crunch for the tips!