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In this episode, I sit down with Sam Hoover and Eryn Carman who are the social media team for Compassion International and we talk about Colorado drivers, content management, etc.
Thanks to for producing the podcast and providing my Blue Snowball Mic!
Music by Drew Brown “Keep the Powder Dry”

Take a listen to episode 4 of the Shut Up and Listen podcast as I interview my friend Kyle Reed about music marketing.



Kyle has some special content just for you listeners that includes:

Social Media Content Calendar
Social Media Suggested Content Schedule
Hacking Monday Worksheet

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This presentation was from a talk I gave last week to our sales representatives. The purpose was to introduce them to some of our strategy for social media and show them that we didn’t need internet memes to go viral. We already had something viral happening!

My friend Jason Keath over at Social Fresh has done some tasty research on Community Managers, including this cool infographic!


Average Salary

  • $61,800.00

Most Popular Community Manager Cities In Order

  1. NYC
  2. San Fransico
  3. Boston
  4. Denver
  5. Austin

Gender Breakdown of Community Managers

  • Female 68%
  • Male 32%

Job Type

  • Full Time 89%
  • Freelance/Contract 6%
  • Part Time 5%

Additional Data

  • Total Community Managers surveyed 143
  • Average Marketing Experience 5 years
  • Average Age  30 years

Community Managers by Region

  1. Northeast 37%
  2. West  21%
  3. Southeast 16%
  4. Southwest 14%
  5. Midwest 12%

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