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A few years ago I had a self-hosted pop culture blog that later became the inspiration for the creative marketing firm that my wife and I started. After some dreaming and reviewing my passion for blogging this type of content, I really wanted to get the old gang back together! I’m beyond excited to be partnering with Tim Engstrom again to bring this project back to life.  I’ve attached a rather recent cartoon he created for me below.

More about this in the weeks to come, but for now, checkout !

-Jim G

The Return of the Blog #threethirtypm #330pm



In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been blogging at 330pm . Nothing fancy, just a desire to flesh out my quirkiness.   Check it out, subscribe, retweet, repost, comment, laugh, ignore…

The whole idea is this…find a niche.  Find it and see where it leads.  Stop forcing yourself to blog stuff you are not passionate about.  Stop faking it. Find your community and walk with them.

And above all else…have fun.