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A few years ago I had a self-hosted pop culture blog that later became the inspiration for the creative marketing firm that my wife and I started. After some dreaming and reviewing my passion for blogging this type of content, I really wanted to get the old gang back together! I’m beyond excited to be partnering with Tim Engstrom again to bring this project back to life.  I’ve attached a rather recent cartoon he created for me below.

More about this in the weeks to come, but for now, checkout !

-Jim G

The Return of the Blog #threethirtypm #330pm




Mission Igniter : Northwest Stories project featuring innovative churches and causes in the Northwest, our goal is developing  “content archaeology, ” An archive of stories for others to reference.  Twitter + Facebook

Jim Gray Online: Weekly ideas, stories, videos…a collage of my mind…social media, creativity, thought processes, inspiration.

Three Thirty Pee Em: Daily comics and quotes …I really love this blog.  It has it’s own Twitter and Facebook page

Media Social: Updates, news, stories featuring partners, product,etc.    Twitter and Facebook

We Find Zombies:  Part of the Zombie Hunters of America project.  Using social media tools like Foursquare to find locations in Vancouver, WA.  Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube

People of the Second Chance’ : I’m still working with Mike to develop initiatives using social media to interact with the tribe.  Twitter and Facebook


Creative Fuel Studios: Chief Collaborator/Community Manager, Co-Owner with a bunch of other great peeps.  I’m functioning as account manager, front-dude for social media, and whatever else needs to be done.  I dig it.

PlainJoe Studios: Brand Evangelist/Community Manager  for Media Social. We provide social media services for their clients, and continue to work with Mike Foster on People of the Second Chance.  Checkout a cool project we are working on called Las Vegas Mob Experience.