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A few years ago I had a self-hosted pop culture blog that later became the inspiration for the creative marketing firm that my wife and I started. After some dreaming and reviewing my passion for blogging this type of content, I really wanted to get the old gang back together! I’m beyond excited to be partnering with Tim Engstrom again to bring this project back to life.  I’ve attached a rather recent cartoon he created for me below.

More about this in the weeks to come, but for now, checkout !

-Jim G

The Return of the Blog #threethirtypm #330pm





Huge thanks to my ole’ buddy and pal Tim Engstrom for producing this on the fly yesterday!

Faces of Boba Fett

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Star Wars Financing
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Star Wars Graffiti

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Graffiti is often a disappointing eyesore, the bane of storefronts, and signposts for gang activity, but there are also those who have turned it into an art form that delights urban populations with surprising works of art on dirty walls. There are enough science fiction fans out there who know how to wield a spray paint can that there’s a plethora of Star Wars graffiti . Here are some of the coolest examples of Star Wars themed graffiti in an alley near you:

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