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[photo via Me]

I am sure we all experience periods of time when we feel tired. We use terms like “feeling burned out” to describe how we feel. I am sensing the desire for some rest. Since we relocated to Colorado Springs in January life has been non-stop; new house, new job, new city, new church, new friends…the “whole shooting-match” as my father would say! Not to mention a marketing production schedule that pushed out 45 releases in the spring of this year and possibly double that in the new fiscal year!

One thing I’ve learned-when you are managing the social media for a brand and working on social media marketing campaigns for multimple marketing plans at the same time, the coolness of the connectivity, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for your personal brand dissipates. I cannot keep up the pace of my Google Reader anymore. I’m not even interested, but I keep going to it for research.

Here are some steps I am taking to “settle” my life down a bit:
1-Vacation-both physical and digital.
a. Scheduling whole days with no access to iPhone, Mac, etc. I really don’t give a crap if my Klout score goes down at this point.
b. Reading, writing, swimming, solid family time. (We’ve got a son that’s going to college next week that I haven’t seen much of this summer). FAMILY IS HUGE PRIORITY FOR ME…not social media.
a-deleting, consolidating platforms, accounts, etc. I don’t have time to manage.
b-time management review
c-If it’s not on my calendar, it’s not happening.
3-I feel like I want to disappear and be unknown. More now than ever I am desiring privacy and less need to communicate to masses on a personal level. This year I’ve had to deal with someone who has created a parody of my personal Twitter account…WHY? I’m a nobody? I’m not going to kid you, there have been days in the past two months when I have wanted to delete everything. Is that healthly? I think not. I used to desire to be some big-shot social celebrity. But know this, people, YOU who reads this, mean more to me than my status.

Some future thoughts:
-I’m headed in the direction of relationtional equity. This means I sense that I can only grow by investing my time in work, family, mentoring.
-I will be communicating more via my email newsletter. Featuring insights into what I do and how I do it, special offers, G+ hangouts and more.
-I am planning on focusing more time on writing, research, creative development than updating my social media network statuses with links you may not read.
-Developing a podcast that allows me to tell some amazing stories that I share with people all the time.

I’d love to know what is going on with you and how I can help you.