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I rarely look at what is new with iOS updates, I just update and keep going. But here are the details for iPhone!

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Facebook recently announced that the site now has 150 million mobile users worldwide. Much of this has to do with the rapid growth of app usage, specifically on smartphones.Perhaps not surprisingly, social networking apps are the the fastest growing category of all apps, with download rates increasing by 240% in the last year. Of these, Facebook apps are tend to be the most popular; in fact, Facebook is the number one app across most mobile operating systems. Flowtown took a look at the rise of Facebook mobile, and compiled a number of the most interesting facts and figures in the graphic.

According to Penn Olson:

“Earlier in May this year, Flowtown shared studies revealing what teens use their mobile phones for. This time round, they share how adults are utilizing their mobile phones so you no longer have to guess what their activities are.”

Some takeaways include:

  • 51% of adults exchange a mere 1-10 text messages a day, whereas 29% teens send 101 and above!
  • Heavy callers tend to text-message heavily & light callers tend to text-message less
  • 65% of adults sleep with their mobile phones beside their bed, 90% of whom are below age 30.