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Travis Thrasher is a writer who has published numerous books. He’s know’s a thing or two about writing.

Lately, I’ve been struggling to develop my blogging and writing. I agree with Travis in that I am flat-out lazy. So I am making a plan and shooting for consistency. It may not always be incredible, life-changing, stories that trend or go viral…but it will help me develop a process. This includes a content schedule and writing. My goal is to build this to collaborate with my exercise calendar of 2-3 days a week.

What’s your blogging plan look like?

My friend Jason Keath over at Social Fresh has done some tasty research on Community Managers, including this cool infographic!


Average Salary

  • $61,800.00

Most Popular Community Manager Cities In Order

  1. NYC
  2. San Fransico
  3. Boston
  4. Denver
  5. Austin

Gender Breakdown of Community Managers

  • Female 68%
  • Male 32%

Job Type

  • Full Time 89%
  • Freelance/Contract 6%
  • Part Time 5%

Additional Data

  • Total Community Managers surveyed 143
  • Average Marketing Experience 5 years
  • Average Age  30 years

Community Managers by Region

  1. Northeast 37%
  2. West  21%
  3. Southeast 16%
  4. Southwest 14%
  5. Midwest 12%

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For October 2010, still with the summer in the head, I wanted to imagine a magic place where I can go sometimes far from work, far from the Earth.

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