Dry Bones

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According to Vimeo page:
“This project was a collaborative effort that spanned countries & time zones with several artists working long hours to finally put this piece out. The passage comes from an Old Testament prophecy, taken from Ezekiel 37. Not only is the text extremely descriptive and visual, lending itself to beautiful imagery, but show that where there is death and exile, hope and life can be found.”

“We shot the piece entirely on the 7d and post work was done in c4d and Nuke. The project started in April with boards & CG dev, we shot in early June outside of Las Vegas, and spent June through October refining the CG as well as the composite, sound design, and color.

“Dry Bones started off as a personal project of mine, but had it not been for Adam Devizia & the A/G picking up DB and funding a significant portion of it, it’s possible the project would have not taken flight.”

I love living in a household of young inspired musicians. Meet our son Jackson, he’s 11 years old.

What are you doing to capture great ideas, memories, movements when they happen?

The editor of this home movie, Jeff Altman says:

“Shot by my grandfather on his Bell & Howell Filmo using 16mm Kodachrome film stock. This footage was taken a year after the California theme park opened.

It was quite a surprise going through this and seeing my grandmother meeting Walt Disney himself!”

Word as Image [video]

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Challenge: Create an image out of a word, using only the letters in the word itself.
Rule: Use only the graphic elements of the letters without adding outside parts.

Word as Image invites you to see letters beyond their utilitarian dullness. It’s about discovering the magic behind the unique shapes and infinite possibilities of letters and words. This book showcases nearly 100 of Ji Lee’s head-scratching word images, along with tips to help you create your own and share them at http://www.wordasimage.com.

About the Author
Ji Lee is a designer and frequent contributor to the New York Times whose work has been featured on ABC World News and in Newsweek, Wired, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, and Boing Boing, among others. A former creative director at Google, he is now a creative director at Facebook.

Read more about Ji Lee’s book here http://amzn.to/pYTpcr

“An individual artist needs only a thousand true fans in her tribe. It’s enough.” -Seth Godin

 We’ve created a expectation in business about generating buzz about our brands and products via social media.

 While this whole concept has paid the bills for me at times, it’s a labor of love at best. In the past year there have been numerous requests to “create some buzz.” So are here some thoughts on this idea:

-buzz, should be replaced by consistent messaging.

-buzz, should be replaced by engaging your tribe and uncovering where they live

-buzz, is not a magical process.

-buzz, while some of us might have a Klout profile that says “Broadcaster” there is no substitute for strategy, planning, and hustle.

-buzz, should be measured, and not always repeated

 What are you doing to control the buzz?