My American Dream

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We each have our expectations of what the world should give us.

We have built this notion of an American dream, but our economy cannot sustain it. Two lay-offs since 2008 as proof for me.

Our hearts cannot bear the reality.

For me, it has been in the strange and awkward in-between spaces of the unknown meadows of life that God has provided me with the greatest amount of creativity. More, so much more, than I ever thought possible.

Fluid, it runs, from my head and heart, onto the page and my hands and feet move with it’s fuel.

I have forgotten about the American pipe-dream. And settled for the strange and awkward in-between spaces of the unknown meadows of life where God-inspired dreams form and become formulas.


Job Interview Tips

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Take A Listen

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It’s been a wild and crazy summer with family, friends, work and this new…”hobby.” As a mentioned in my last blog post, we launched Threethirtypm Records. There’s no website, yet, and I’m resisting the urge to do so until some other pieces are in place.

There is a lot to do in managing bands. But it’s not unlike other projects that I’ve been a part of. I do want to build true fans for the artists/bands. And we have to do a lot of it in Colorado at the moment as everyone is a full-time college student during the school year. This has not stopped us from having numerous shows booked this summer. ‘Nuff said…

I would love for you to take a listen to the 3 demos we have so far. Just click on the play button below.





I’ve been busy lately with a number of development projects, clients, family…oh and a side-project/hobby thing that’s completely gone wild this month…thought it would be fun and helpful to some bands that I know to start a hybrid record label.
—>Here are some unique things about our model:
-we are a music incubator
-I built a small and experienced board of advisors to help me fast-track this process.
-I recruited a group of mentors from all aspects of the music industry to guide the bands/artists on their journey.
-I get the absolute joy of using my 13+ years of marketing, connecting and building.
-I get to disciple younger folks.
-I get to spend more time with my oldest son, Stewart, who is one of the bands.
Just wanted to share with you some of my joy as of late. And I’ll have some free music for you in the near future.

Find us online:

Website (Temporary landing page