Shaping Ideas

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I remember a time about 4 years ago when I felt like I had ideas pouring out of my mind. I walked around with a notepad capturing my thoughts. And then I would tell people all of my ideas and watch as they squirmed and replied with:

-“You sound really busy.”

-“How’s the job-hunt going?”

-“I’m not really a technology person.” (Neither am I.)

-“When do you sleep?”

And then friend suggested that I figure out a way to “back-burner” ideas and prioritized the most important ones from the other. THIS bit of wisdom has been a constant guide for the past 3 years.

You see, I had a family to feed and bills to pay. When I wasn’t looking for a job I was connecting, blogging…really whatever I could do to get leads for my freelance work. I have to tell you , that when you hustle like I did for 4-5 years, it did several things to me:

-I was worn out.

-I was addicted to my iPhone, Macbook, tablet, and all the social networks that I checked all the time to see who was interacting.

-I was distracted from my faith, family, work and life in general.

BUT here are some things that I learned from hustling like I did for 4-5 years:

-I could help other people in ways I would of never thought of.

-If an idea was good enough, I could put it on the back-burner and it would still be interesting in 3-6 months.

-It’s more fun and solid to build things with the right people than just to find the right ideas.

-I learned to start associating ideas with money.

-I made my family and my faith my biggest priorities.

-I didn’t have to worry about whether the ideas would come. I just had to know what to do with them when they arrived.

This post was inspired by Grant Snider and his good ol’ “Incidental Comics” blog! 




I cannot wait for Tuesday!

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This is a stick-up!  #mextures #vscocam #selfie

Realization: Getting paid to daily managing over 500,00 Facebook users…is a crazy number, for me personally. That doesn’t include campaigns I’ve worked on in the past year for other clients. I’m sure there are people out there doing more. But if you consider the fact that in November of 2008 I was laid off from my job as a branch manager for a wholesale plumbing supply company. It’s awesome to look at our histories to see what God has done.

My American Dream

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We each have our expectations of what the world should give us.

We have built this notion of an American dream, but our economy cannot sustain it. Two lay-offs since 2008 as proof for me.

Our hearts cannot bear the reality.

For me, it has been in the strange and awkward in-between spaces of the unknown meadows of life that God has provided me with the greatest amount of creativity. More, so much more, than I ever thought possible.

Fluid, it runs, from my head and heart, onto the page and my hands and feet move with it’s fuel.

I have forgotten about the American pipe-dream. And settled for the strange and awkward in-between spaces of the unknown meadows of life where God-inspired dreams form and become formulas.


Job Interview Tips

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