Friends, I’m in need of a volunteer social media coordinator in Colorado Springs for the month of December for a local charity I’m donating time to.
1-2 hours per week from December 1-20th. No experience necessary.
Perks: fun, coffee, and a fantastic reference from my myself and the president of the organization.
Must be in the Colorado Springs area and able to meet in person. No remote folks, sorry. Email me for details jim at jimgrayonline dot com


My client, Carey Goldberg, owns a Phantom 2 Vision drone.
When your client owns a drone. You make videos and have fun doing it!


Music by Wild Earth.



Some really funny and smart lines in this video from last week’s CLIO Awards in NYC.

“”I love advertising because I love lying.”-Jerry Seinfeld

The Heart of Your Brand

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Meet "Ginger"- super sweet ranch dog #vscocam

This is “Ginger.” She’s a super sweet ranch dog who lives on the eastern plains of Colorado Springs.

I know the folks who own Ginger well. They are good friends.

In some ways, Ginger represents her owners’ brand. What others say about you and your business is important.

I have people every week ask me, “What do you do?”

Here’s where I am with that question. I am marketing consultant. You know the skeleton, structure and feel of your company. You have a notion of where you want it to be. My job is really to understand the heart of your company, app, startup, etc. and transpose that into online messaging that potential and existing end-users can understand.

I wish I had a cool dog like Ginger. What is the heart of your brand?

California Timelapse Tour

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Take four minutes for director Hal Bergman to give you a timelapse tour of all of the most visually stunning places California has to offer, filmed over four years, from coastline to mountains to deserts, from cities to agriculture to national parks.  I’m a 5th generation Californian, so I might be a little biased.

California from Hal Bergman on Vimeo.