Fix Your Grammar

February 28, 2014 — Leave a comment



I’m going to let you in on some secrets:

-I’m a fan of “Glove and Boots.”

-The rise of social media and texting has made for some poor grammar. If you don’t know what grammar is.


In December my friends from Frequency.FM asked me if they could do a podcast interview with me about social media marketing. I wanted to share this with you here as well.




This presentation was from a talk I gave last week to our sales representatives. The purpose was to introduce them to some of our strategy for social media and show them that we didn’t need internet memes to go viral. We already had something viral happening!



  • Seth Godin on the most important question you can ask in your business here .
  • 10 abandoned roller-skating rinks (roller-skates included!) here.
  • Phil Cooke gives us some tips on 4 important keys for fundraising videos.
  • Lemony Snicket, aka Daniel Handler, on how to get your kids excited about reading.
  • A guide to social media etiquette from Jane Austen.
  • Bewildered about what to do with Linkedin? Here are 8 tips on developing your profile.
  • Everyday I get my news updates from Dave Pell’s “NextDraft:  The Day’s Most Fascinating News.”

——->Extra stuff: Are you looking to ramp-up your knowledge of marketing without going broke? Checkout my one-to-one video coaching offering.

——->Checkout’s podcast interview with Tim Timmons. Tim talks about the fine balance between self-promotion and pursuing the mission of his ministry, and how living with cancer influences his art and engagement with people.


Hello...this appeared in the kitchen today...everyone is trying to figure out whodunit

Sometimes a little office humor can go a long way!