Ed Dobson Interview Quote

“Early on in my journey, whenever people went through a crisis, I felt I was there to speak for God and quote the Bible. Now, I don’t quote the Bible or speak for God. I just show up and listen. I don’t have all the answers anymore, but I’m willing to be there and to love and to care, and most of all, to listen.”

via Ed Dobson interview by Scott Mcclellan Read the interview on collidemagazine.com

Starting Your Week on Sunday-My Opinion

“Most people will see that Sundays are quite open when it comes to work, so start to move some of the items that are set aside for Monday to Sunday.”

I saw this quote today and while I’m a big fan of starting early, my opinion is that Sunday is family time that I don’t get to participate in during the week. What’s your take on this?