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I wanted to invite you to join me to be part of a secret project I have been working on for a few months. I was approached a few months ago by some entrepreneurs who were working on an application that will allow you to communicate with others in a unique way…I can’t tell you more than that at the moment.

Here’s the deal–> Go to and enter your email address. By doing this, I will reach out to you with a special, exclusive gift when we launch.   We will be selecting a specific amount of folks who signup early to get free access to a premium app.

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Dan walks through a few year end options to make your fundraising top notch!

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The University Entrepreneurship
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Just another Monday here in the Plaid Forest...

The Plaid Forest is really just the table cloth on our kitchen table. But it is where I spend the early morning hours drinking coffee, reading, praying, thinking and sometimes working. It is a place of simple, quiet, contemplation. In the Plaid Forest, I find perspective for my day, life, work and direction.

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Another beautiful dusting of Colorado snow last night

I love waking up to mornings like this. We live in a beautiful state! So thankful to be living in Colorado.