My Week in Review

February 21, 2013 — 2 Comments

More snow shots

What a week…
-rescued an iPad in Orlando, while not leaving my desk.
-helped a friend find a job
-drove in a snowstorm
-recruited debate judges
-created an ad to help people find an alternative to smoking
-battled a nasty headcold
-worked in my pajamas
-had coffee with someone I didn’t know
-wrote 2 blog posts
-managed and acquired clients
-spent time with my family
-prayed for my friends
-read the bible
-volunteered at church
…and I haven’t even got to Friday…



Yesterday I found about StageIt. According to their website:

“Where performers can broadcast LIVE and interactive experiences directly from a laptop, while offering unique fan experiences that are never archived. “

This looks like an amazing tool for indie artists, bands, labels and more!

Watch their demo video:

Let me know if you use it, I’d love to see what you do with it!



With so many new social media networks added to the internet daily, it may become overwhelming to navigate through the masses. Conversely, it may seem equally daunting for any new one to have a viable chance at even the slightest hint of stardom. Fandrop, a  platform for Fandrop, a new discovery platform which allows users to capture fragments from their web browsing experience, was able to land first place at the Founders Showcase in Mountain View within 4 weeks of its launch in August.

The founder of Fandrop, Kenzi Wang, a serial entrepreneur, came up with the idea when he realized the internet is such a messy place and in need of defragmentation.

Fandrop’s technology allows for a collation and indexation of fragments (be they videos, maps, flash games, images, articles, etc.) a and it allows you to share and discover said fragments. What makes the site especially unique is that you can share and discover any fragment of a page while still preserving all original functionalities. This means that you can now upload any clips at your discretion, then organize these discoveries into collections to share with others.

Let’s say for example that I go online to look for the best Valentines Day photos that I want to share on my blog or social networks, I  can do a search on Fandrop, tap and highlight the given fragment on the web—the clip does not need to be the entire natural, image—and share it with his online fandrop community.

In fact, here’s a collection of “Best Valentines Photos” from Fandrop!

Clicking on the dropped fragment itself can lead you to even more information. It can direct you to the blog that published the clip, the full directions on how to buy the product, or even a link where users can purchase the product itself.


Sir Alan Teruel, esteemed software engineer, described his reason for spending hours on the site every week despite the other popular social networks out there.

“Fandrop makes its easy for me to share and discover the exact information I want, and care about, with my friends. I really like the fact that I can point to the information that I care about, and share that. For example, I read tech blogs like Venture Beat, GigaOm, The Next Web, Vator, and Forbes. I will find quotes from a specific technologist to share, and exclusively that information. It’s exact and to the point, unlike other news and information portals that provide just links.”

Interested in trying out Fandrop? Get an invite to the beta here!  

Follow Fandrop on Twitter and Facebook 



Introducing “Social Scrub” a marketing and best practices review service of  Threethirtypm for companies, brands, non-profits, churches, and more!

[Disclosure: Threethirtypm is a marketing startup co-founded by myself and my wife, Sharon]

Here’s a quick description of what the service provides:

The “Social Scrub” service provides you with marketing audit of the following areas. The fact-finding process takes 2-5 days depending upon availability of persons needed. Once the fact-finding is complete, a report is delivered within 7-10 business days that includes comments, observations, and best-practice suggestions. 

Find a complete list of the what services entails by clicking here.

The List

January 14, 2013 — 1 Comment



-Welcome to week #2 of “The List.

-Let’s start off with a little comic relief, shall we?


[brought to you by Kerry Callen]

  1. -If you love comic books, take a gander at my Pinterest board.
  2. -Every Friday I get Gizmodo’s iPhone Apps of the Week. A handy list of new iPhone apps. How do you discover new apps?
  3. – Checkout Indie Admin: With CopyrightSolver’s INDIEadmin, independent artists finally get the same services and support that only major artists and labels have enjoyed up till now. Ideal for churches, songwriters, worship artists, bands, movies.
  4. -RIP @rickcaffeinated aka Rick Stillwell, a well-known and loved early adopter of social media died Friday of natural causes while driving his car 
  5. -A fundraising page has been established for the family 
  6. – Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to hang out with my my friend author/blogger/speaker Jon Acuff here in Colorado Springs. I’ve known Jon personally for about 4 years. He works for Dave Ramsey in TN and has a new book coming out this Spring.  Find out more about Jon on his blog 
  7. -I’ve been part of a private beta for Newsle  Newsle finds articles about you, your friends and colleagues, and anyone else you care about and notifies you minutes or hours after they’re published. I get updates via email on breaking new articles on people I am connected to. Welcome to the new world of PR!
  8. -I’m officially the Sr. Editor/Connector for , a resource community for pastors who are actively leading in the church. We support pastors as they engage and lead their communities
  9. That’s all for now…What’s new with you?