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I took the day off last Friday. I actually left my Macbook Air at home, on purpose. I spent the day in Denver with my family. We stayed in a hotel, had brunch with our oldest son (he’s a freshman at Colorado Christian University), spent the afternoon at Denver Art Museum, and dinner out. I really needed some time away from the office and with my family.

One of the fears I have as the owner of a company is vacations. You might think this sounds silly, but let me share with you two reasons why I have developed this fear. One year we took a family vacation to a campground and had an amazing time. I came back invigorated. But when I started checking my email, I found all sorts of bad news of projects that gone bad and more.

The second fear I have developed about vacations is the impending doom of “we don’t have the money to take a family vacation.” It’s worse than all sorts of other rejections.

Here are some thoughts I have that have helped me think differently about taking time off:

-Having a time of rest from work is healthy

-I only get this time with my family once

-If you manage your business well, you should be able to take time off. But, I think you have to work hard and play hard. This means shutting down from social media and mobile apps, too!

-I’m a fan of working vacations. This year my family and I are exploring trips we can take where I can work, the family can play and meet in the afternoons.

-Life is way too short to be a workaholic!

I hope my “thinking out loud” has been beneficial to you in some way. I know it has been good for me to do this exercise.


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