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Scott Meyer has a hilarious webcomic called Basic Instructions. I’m a fan and a subscriber for 2-3 years now.

What Do You Do?

October 28, 2013 — 2 Comments



I recently heard that the most common question that guys ask other guys is:

“What do you do?”

It must be a good, comfortable ice-breaker for men. But I get this question all the time time even though my work history is all over the internets.

In a nutshell, I provide freelance social media and digital content strategy services for a wide variety of clients. Here is what this week looks like:

  1. Review a project proposal for a foundation (I get a stipend for this.)
  2. Manage multiple social media accounts for retainer clients.
  3. 1/2 day in-house strategy session for a local non profit.
  4. Billing & administrative stuff for my company.
  5. Follow-up on leads and scheduling calls/meetings.

That’s what my week looks like. What do you do?




Travis Thrasher is a writer who has published numerous books. He’s know’s a thing or two about writing.

Lately, I’ve been struggling to develop my blogging and writing. I agree with Travis in that I am flat-out lazy. So I am making a plan and shooting for consistency. It may not always be incredible, life-changing, stories that trend or go viral…but it will help me develop a process. This includes a content schedule and writing. My goal is to build this to collaborate with my exercise calendar of 2-3 days a week.

What’s your blogging plan look like?

Time Travel

October 26, 2013 — Leave a comment



Technology…in particular, mobile technology has changed our lives. Here’s a insight for you, go to Instagram (if you have the iPhone or Android app…maybe you don’t know Instagram is…that’s ok) and search for #selfie. The results are funny, awkward and overwhelming.

Do Not Disturb

October 23, 2013 — Leave a comment


Recently I asked one of our  kids a question while they were washing the dishes. There was no response. My initial thought was that maybe they were deep in thought so I asked the question again, which caused them to remove their iPod earphones. My next thought was…

“Oh, I know exactly how you feel!”

I often listen to music on my Mac while working during the day. If I really need to dig in, I put in my earphones and shut out the world. The same kids who listen to music while doing dishes are sent at dinner time to notify me of an impeding mealtime. Sometimes, I have to remove the earphones and go back to another dimension. This is no easy task.

My only possible solution to this is to track my time in the evenings before dinner, or perhaps notify the family that I’ll be diving deep into my idea submersible.

I’m sure you have been interrupted when you have your earphones on? Any interesting stories?