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Sometimes, figuring out direction is really hard. It would be easier for me to make ultimatums like

“I’m shutting down this blog!” 

I’ve had some time to think about this blog.

I needed some time to process.

I don’t do well when I just speak from the heart without taking anytime to process.

Here’s the deal:

…I came within a day of shutting this site down. I’m serious. I sent my web-guy (yes, I do have such a guy who I pay annually to help me manage two sites) a message asking him to take the site off-line.

But today I had an epiphany. I will be sharing about this idea soon. Fortunately for me, the web-guy didn’t have time to get back to me before I changed my mind.

I just paid $11.95 to renew this domain for a year about 10 minutes ago. The domain expiration was 9/11. I paid my web-guy for another year of hosting today.

So, now that I’m all paid up, I’m going to start talking to you. I need to have a place where I speak into life. So, I’m going to start an experiment tomorrow. It’s going to be awkward for me. It might be fun for you to watch.

Stay tuned.





I’ve had a bunch of people ask me recently what tools I use for creating photos like this.  I spend at least 1-2 hours daily creating content like this. It does not include writing copy, research or curation.  I do not have Photoshop as my MacBook Air 11-inch does not have the capacity. So I use mainly my iPhone and web-based applications. I’m not the authority on this topic, but I do get asked a lot by friends what apps I use. My work is posted weekly to Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Pinterest accounts, Tumblr Accounts, etc.

Disclaimer: I’m not a designer! I started doing work like this for fun first and then got asked to do it by clients more. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it!

I hope this information will help someone else!

My Pinterest/FB/Instagram design portfolio

3 Web-Based Pinterest Tools I use

7 iPhone Apps:













Ideas and Money

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This summer I have been working my way through “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau, not because I am looking to start a bunch more stuff, but because Chris’ book has a bunch of solid wisdom stories and advice for folks starting or who own a company. I got my copy from the library so you can read it whenever I decide to give it back.

This is a book that I recommend you read with notebook. There is a lot of great tips and wisdom that I will forget without recording them somewhere.

I want to share with you something that I wish I would have latched-on to long ago:

“Tip: When thinking about different business ideas, also think about money. Get in the habit of equating “money stuff” with ideas.” 

-The $100 Startup, page 28

My initial reaction was,

“…but I need to be free from money and all that business stuff to really create great work!”

I think I went about this all wrong…I made the assumption without context. So, I sat and processed that for a bit. And when I say “processed” I wrote it in my notebook and took a few weeks to think about it. Here I am a few weeks later.

For fun, I plugged this notion of ideas and money into my logo “Dream, Build, Create”. In a talk I have given at a college and at a conference I referenced this process of managing ideas that happen:

Dream: Immerse yourself for a few hours or day and ideate, dream, etc. about what you want to do or make. Do not concern yourself at this point. Grab a whiteboard or moleskine and go bananas with brainstorming your dream.

Build: Take time later from the Dream section (it could be later in the day) to estimate, ideally this is where you make a plan of how it would happen with what you have available.

-What resources do I have to make this happen?

-How much money will it take?

-Who else needs to help me?

Create: In this stage, you make an action plan,  set a date, and start creating your dream. And NO MATTER what happens, something must be delivered on this set date. YOU MUST LAUNCH!

After reflecting on this for a few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that the ideas and money concept does fit, but it happens in the “estimate” phase of my formula.

Note to self: don’t forget to figure out the money part!

Here are 3 questions that Guillebeau suggests that your should ask for every idea:

a. How much would I get paid with this idea?

b. How much would I get paid from this idea?

c. Is there a way I could get paid more than once?



Lean Mode

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Black glasses, black v-neck, I have arrived! ...not

I’m enjoying my blog in it’s new “lean mode.” I make the assumption that if you are reading this, then you are probably connected with me via email and social networks.

There are 2 things I want you to pay attention to:

1-blog posts

2-podcast episodes

or #3…I have no idea how to get things back to how there were before…

Hope your Monday is going well!