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By Jim  Gray



This is a brilliant piece of story that I enjoyed finding. How are you telling stories, digging deeper to find what your audience would enjoy? So much to learn here from a marketing perspective and how the quote, the story-teller, the setting…all of it draws in the user (me).

October Desktop

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By Jim Gray



Love the green…and the lizard!

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If you have seen “Burn Notice”, chances are you are familiar with the show an it’s opening monologue. If not, watch this first.

Burn Notice Opening by xkaelar

It’s been a year since I was laid off. There are several things that have got us through this past year. The primary source…our faith in God. And, unlike Michael Westen, I am not alone. My wife and I have amazing kids, prayerful parents, and awesome friends. We also spent a lot more time building our marriage and our faith. Sticking together through whatever hardship that has come along has given us great hope.

The following is a humorous attempt to re-write the “Burn Notice” monologue in to a parody that shows a glimpse of how I felt a year ago…

“Burn Notice on the Prairie” 

Jim Gray:  “My name is Jim Gray. I used to be employed. Until…”

[Phone Rings]

Unidentified human resources employee voice on phone: “We’ve got to make some cut-backs. You’re laid-off.”

Jim Gray: “When you’re unemployed, you’ve got nothing. No paycheck, no medical insurance. You’re stuck in whatever city they relocated you to.”

Jim Gray: “Where am I?”

Sharon Gray: “Falcon, CO, on the prairie.” 

Jim Gray: “You do whatever freelance work comes your way. You rely on anyone who’s still talking to you. Your wife…”

Sharon Gray: “I love you…How are we going to pay the bills?”

Jim Gray: “An 80 year old friend of the family who broke his neck rollerskating at your daughter’s 15th birthday”

Uncle Bill: “I said to my self, “Self, you’re too small to be outside alone.” 

Jim Gray: “Family, too…”

Kids: “Hey Dad, we have Boy Scouts, Youth Group, Debate Club, Soccer, Graduation, College, Cars…can we get a ride?”

Jim Gray: “Bottom line…Until you find a new job or find a way to pay all the bills… you’re not going anywhere.”



By Jim

I cringe when I see someone use a hashtag in a real-life conversation, and sometimes even on Twitter. FYI, if your entire Twitter bio is hashtags…yeah.

The Job Search Episode 2

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In this episode I talk about
-how long the interview processes are becoming.
-how I find or generate business leads for freelancing