Change In Status-Unemployed

August 10, 2012 — 17 Comments

This has not been a fun week for me personally. I went to work Monday morning and by lunchtime I was unemployed. I won’t go into details. So, that being said, I’m now looking for a new job. Most people would tell you I’m a “social media guy”. I’m more interested in using my natural relationship building skills as an account manager, business development director for firms that provide web design, social media marketing, marketing and advertising in the Colorado Springs, Denver area or working remotely.

I’ve been asked how I am doing and the answer is that I’m moving forward. Here are some ways you can help me and my family:

-referrals: if you or someone you know would be interested in talking with me use my Linkedin profile or email me at

-Linkedin recommendations:


-Freelance work or leads.

-Airline miles for out of town interviews.



I really appreciate all the support. Thank you for reading this!


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