Finding New Navigation in Life

September 25, 2018 — Leave a comment

I have been through a lot of new changes in the past year. Some good and some have been harder than others and one, in particular, left me stranded in my thoughts, spiritual life and just lost in general. What I was lacking was several things:

  1. A filter of sorts to help me make better decisions.
  2. A list of boundaries. It is amazing what happens when a young man is raised with no moral compass.
  3. A group of men that I could meet regularly that was a model of life-on-life discipleship.
  4. A personal relationship with God that is healthy and active.

In the past 1.5 years I have taken the following steps:

  1. Met with a pastor at our church for 6 months.
  2. Taken a course at the church.
  3. Met with a mentor for one year.
  4. 6 months of therapy.

But these were really just methods to get approval from others. I wanted to show that I could make efforts towards being whole. The most helpful of the steps was meeting with my mentor and therapy. And even now, I would take dialogue over therapy. These days, the best therapy I get is sitting down over a coffee or a beer with a friend and talking about life.

My work life is full. This year I have been to:

  • The Dominican Republic three times
  • California
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Miami
  • Nashville
  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • And next year looks to be even more.

So for me, the real question has come down to what will have the greatest impact. Today I found a life coach who would help guide me through creating a new life plan for life and work. But I’m finding that it’s not just one thing that is going to help find navigation. In my experience, I’ve had to be willing to dig deep to figure out who I am now and what type of person I want to be in the future.

More about navigation in the future.

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