Are You the Most Willing to Succeed?

February 8, 2017 — 1 Comment


When I am working with a new team I often say that it has been my experience that I do not necessarily need to know everything to do my job well. However, I may need to be the most willing to see the project to it’s fruition.

Are you willing

  • to do whatever it takes?
  • however long it takes?
  • willing to do some menial task?
  • willing to delegate?
  • willing to fail?
  • willing to ask for help?
  • willing to help your team succeed?
  • take one for the team?
  • wiling to not take credit?
  • willing to encourage your team everyday?
  • willing to serve others selflessly?


Here is my mantra for humility in my role(s) that I fulfill with my clients. It is an adaptation of Brene Brown’s “Authenticity Mantra”


I don’t come into a team role puffed up, I don’t come in on the ground, I stand my sacred ground, I know who I am.

Do you have sayings or mantras or idioms that keep you focused on being a leader?

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