Social Media Leaders:Do You Validate?

This is one of the most inspirational videos I have seen in a long time…sooo glad I decided to check my goo reader this morning.

Here are some thoughts from my friend Trey Pennington’s blog on this video:

So, forget all the fancy plans; forget the ever-unsatisfying pursuit of ROI. Please just let this video sink in. Let this one thought permeate all that you do on social media. If you will, I guarantee you that you will discover exactly what you should DO on social media.

Here’s the foundational principle at work on social media:

  • everyone wants to be heard
  • everyone wants to be understood
  • everyone wants to know his or her life matters.

You START that process by paying attention. On Twitter that starts by following the people who are following you. Period. It is just that simple. The next step is making social media about them, not you. And that starts by acknowledging their presence.

Here’s my add-on…has it been all about you? After watching this  I’m even more convinced of my narcissistic behaviors online.  This goes hand-in-hand about some restructuring of my social methodologies and how I build relationships.  But that’s another post.

You, the reader, are awesome. Some of you stop by here all the time and I don’t even know who you are. But you make my day. Seriously…

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