News:The Rundown


-Downloaded new Coldplay album this week off iTunes. Goodness, pure goodness.
-Coffee this morning with George DeCarlo, founder of, promotion apps to woo your fans. Checkout
-John Mark McMillan, one of our artists at Integrity Music, releases his long-awaited “Economy” on Tuesday. Checkout
-My friend Ben Arment recently launched 1000 Premieres, an ancient story for a new generation . Spread the word to your church, company, group screening.
-I got my very first iPhone a few weeks ago. I’m loving the interaction with people and apps. My fav is Instagram. You can find me as “jimgrayonline”
-Sharon and I got to see David Crowder Band on their 7Tour a few weeks ago in Portland,OR with John Mark McMillan, Gungor, and Chris August. I hope you already got your tickets, because they are sold out in nearly every city.
-The dudes from DC*B continue to impress me with their adoption and use of social media. Here’s a novel concept, have the guys in your band follow and interact with your fans. David Crowder Band is active on Twitter, Instagram and other apps. Search for Witnesstherise, Marktheshark, thebwach, therealhogan to see what I’m talking about. Watch and learn.
-The family and I leave early Sunday for 5 days of exploring and house-hunting in Colorado Springs,CO to get ready for our relocation with my new gig at Integrity Music/David C. Cook.

Have a great weekend!

Published by Jim Gray

Artist and Church Relations at VisionTrust Int'l. I travel the world, explore, write, and spend time with friends.

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