How to Engage Your Audience Like Captain Jack Sparrow

September 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

My family loves Disneyland. We lived in Southern California until 2006 and we purchased annual passes. Disneyland and the rides felt like our hometown. And even now that we haven’t been to the park in over 5 years, we still hold it dear.

I was so impressed with how Disney marketed the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie by bringing in Johnny Depp to be live inside of the actual Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Just imagine that you are on the ride, you have seen the animatronics for years, and all of the sudden the real Captain Jack Sparrow is there! He is standing right in front of you!

Now obviously, not all of us have access to such celebrities or influencers. But If we are really seeking to engage with our customers, donors, sponsors and clients we will dig deep for ways to speak to them that reaches them in some way. I know there is a lot of noise online via our digital channels but just going through the motions often won’t cut it. Just start experimenting and testing with variations in design, color, copy, video and think about reaching your end user.

I am not only impressed but I am inspired to dig a little deeper this summer.

Jim Gray

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