Car Window Poetry

September 25, 2017 — Leave a comment

My friend Alex lives here in Colorado Springs and works as the digital marketing guy for Young Life. A little over a year ago he texted me about connecting:

I was in the middle of a client project and didn’t get to see what he was up to. But I kept an eye out for his project and then a few months later I saw this video interview featuring his project:

Last Friday morning I had coffee with Alex. After our meeting I sat down to hang out with another friend who asked:

“Who were you meeting with?” 

“Oh, that was my friend Alex, he has this cool cause called Car Window Poetry.  Have you heard of it?” 

“Yeah I’ve heard of Car Window Poetry. It was on NBC News.” 

I love this video on the Car Window Poetry website:

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Download Car Window Poetry cards
  2. Write poems with your students, friends or family
  3. Place poems on car windows and make people smile
  4. Post your poems on Instagram using #CarWindowPoetry
  5. Start a chapter in your city!
  6. If you find a card on your windshield share it here! 

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