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HGTV Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines tries to stay on topic while Chip does his best to make her laugh.

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My client, Carey Goldberg, owns a Phantom 2 Vision drone.
When your client owns a drone. You make videos and have fun doing it!


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By Jim

I cringe when I see someone use a hashtag in a real-life conversation, and sometimes even on Twitter. FYI, if your entire Twitter bio is hashtags…yeah.

The Job Search

September 10, 2013 — Leave a comment


Yesterday I told you that I was going to attempt an experiment that would be awkward for me. Today I have fulfilled this prophecy by creating this diary video of some things I do to search for work or a new job. I’ll try to be more “scripted” next time.

But for now, watch the video, like it on  YouTube and leave a comment on how I can help you or what are you doing to find a new job!

Timothy Prestero thought he’d designed the perfect incubator for newborns in the developing world — but his team learned a hard lesson when it failed to go into production. A manifesto on the importance of designing for real-world use, rather than accolades. (Filmed at TEDxBoston.)

Timothy Prestero loves a flashy “concept car.” But in his own work, he aims to design products for social impact, keeping users in mind.¬†Full bio

Are you thinking ahead about who your audience is ?