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I like to help others with their dreams and passions. And when it comes to one of my children, I’m super passionate about helping them achieve their dreams and passions! Today I’m proud to tell you about this new single “Summer” by our 17 year old son, Jackson Gray.



I cannot wait for Tuesday!

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July 21, 2014 — Leave a comment


It’s been a wild and crazy summer with family, friends, work and this new…”hobby.” As a mentioned in my last blog post, we launched Threethirtypm Records. There’s no website, yet, and I’m resisting the urge to do so until some other pieces are in place.

There is a lot to do in managing bands. But it’s not unlike other projects that I’ve been a part of. I do want to build true fans for the artists/bands. And we have to do a lot of it in Colorado at the moment as everyone is a full-time college student during the school year. This has not stopped us from having numerous shows booked this summer. ‘Nuff said…

I would love for you to take a listen to the 3 demos we have so far. Just click on the play button below.