Help Support @johnmarkmc Economy Release on Tuesday!

Step 1: Pre-Street Release Support -Change one (or all) social networking profile pictures. See below -For example I changed Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Linkedin so you could see what it looks like see for those links! Step 2:Street date Buzz!!!! -Share the iTunes link on your social networks -Listen to the album on […]

News:The Rundown

via -Downloaded new Coldplay album this week off iTunes. Goodness, pure goodness. -Coffee this morning with George DeCarlo, founder of, promotion apps to woo your fans. Checkout -John Mark McMillan, one of our artists at Integrity Music, releases his long-awaited “Economy” on Tuesday. Checkout -My friend Ben Arment recently launched 1000 […]

Quotes on Design

FAKEGRIMLOCK IDEA BY SELF IS COLD. JUST SIT THERE. DO NOTHING. IF WANT DO SOMETHING, NEED FIRE. Fran Lebowitz I for one absolutely and unequivocally refuse to be bullied about by a thing’s capacity to absorb light. There is nothing less appealing than a color fraught with meaning – the very notion is boisterous, inappropriate, […]